Meet me in St. Lou…er, Defiance

The Syfy channel aired a pilot for their new show called Defiance.

The over all plot of the show is that a bunch of aliens tryed to take over the world and loss. Now the Earth is full of stranded aliens, mutant wildlife and everything from our world is no more, except for the St Louis arch. They must had built it to last.

I watched about half of the pilot and all of the half hour promo for the show. The over all feel is if Firefly had aliens and was on Earth and had soap opera elements in it.

I thought it was well perduced with the sets, the make up and the over all special effects. But I find that they mostly have thoses kind of aliens that look just like humans only with a puffy forehead, and I find that annoying to watch.

Their are a bunch of characters of the show like the space elf and a cowboy guy. They were okay, but I just arn’t into show like Firefly. Bu ttheir were some characters I liked. Like the doctor that sounds annoyed by everything (even being named Dr, Meh. Ha!), and the space elf’s wife, I like her becaouse she was able to get her husband to changed his mide while making him think it was his idea, that was cool, like verble judo. And this is a weird one, but I really like the Gorilla man that pops up in the background once in a while. The make up for that character was the best on the show!

My advice is that if you want to check this show out, ask yourself if you like Fairefly be wanted aliens to show up first.

Extra Stuff

If anybody is interested, Defiance also has a tie in video game

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Bring back the Puff

Word on the street is that Cartoon Network is bringing back the Powerpuff Girls back in the form of a reboot.

Also from the street, the guy who brought us Dexter’s Lab (who also worked on powerpuff) will be in charge of the project. I’m both exited and worried about this. On the plus side, the reboot will not only bring an awesome show to the new generation, but could also improves some things, like giving the girls HANDS! How come they never had hands?

On the minus side, this could really suck hard core. Mostly threw the form of trying too hard to make it more modern. Shows like the new Thundercats, Ben 10: Omniveres and Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. are good because of all the effert you can see that they put into the shows. In both making it new while keeping the old things that made them special in the first place. But this could be nothing to worry about as the guy was a big part of the original run.

So I guess we will all just have to wait to see if the new reboot will be any good or not.

The Bravest Post!

So reacently I heard about a web cartoon called the Bravest Warriors, so I checked it out.

The back story is Ward Pen, the creator of Adventure Time, made a pilot along with the Adventure Time one, called the Bravest Warriors. The short was forgoten until the animation company that dose the Adventure Time animation took it for them selves and put it on You Tube.

The show is clamed to be a ronchyer show, but isn’t really. They have a character flip the bird, but they blur it out, which is not needed because the internet lets things like that happen.

The show isn’t bad, but it feels a lot like “Adventure Time in space” to me. If you want, you can check it out on You Tube. The episodes are only 5 minutes long and are perfect to watch if your wating for something or someone.

The First Sofia

So, theĀ  movie of the new kids show,Sofia the First, aired and for a little kids show, I was shocked that they made a show and not a thing where the characters ask kids what a triangle is for 15 minutes.

Not only is it fun for kids, but the parents will get a kick out of it as well. And another thing, this seems to be the first kids show that has a seires long sub plot, with the royal wizard wanting to take over the world. OF COURSE!

The only thing that I have to complain about is that it is implyed that the Disney Princesses, the ones that will once in a while geust star, are dead. That’s kinda depressing to think about. But it is a show to look out for, as it seems to be the only little kids show to treat the kids as smarter that a dead fish.

May the force be with us

As everybody on Earth and Naboo already knows, George Lucas sold Lucasfilms to Disney. That means that Disney own both Indeana Jones and Star Wars.

And for my opinion, I thing this could be the best thing to happen to Star Wars. Before, Lucas only had some say in what happens in the movies, and every body loved them. After Lucas got ALL the control, it started to suck. But with the Disney thing, Lucas will only have the little bit of say again, like when they were loved by all peopel and wookies.

Look at it this way, Disney bought Marvel, everybody paniced, The Avengers movie blew them away. And with a bigger company at the helm, the Star Wars expansion books now have a much better chance of being made into movies, now!

So I thing Star Wars will be just fine.

Extra Stuff

Oh, and the Indeana Jones thing, the stuff I said about Star Wars aplies to Indy, also.

That just brickles my berry

Not too long ago, Comedy Cantrol got itself a new animated show.

It’s called Brickleberry. The basic idea is that the show is like if Seth MacFarland got his hands of Yogi Bear. In fact, one of the main characters is basiclly Stewie in Brian’s body. He’s played by the show creator and derector Daneal Tosh. Just so you know, I find Tosh to be more annoying that anything. He plays the character of Malley. He’s a bear. He’s just as annoying as Tosh and the was the other characters say his name, I thought it was Lloyd until I looked it up.

The others are more of less just generic jerks that sware a lot. But one character, named Denzel, has the sole characteristic of not only being black, but is into having sex with little old ladies. That’s the whole joke. I don’t think it’s that funny, but the play it like it’s comedy gold.

If you like Family Guy or South Park, stick with those. Brickleberry is one you don’t want to pick.

Ten times the Ben

Did you hear about the new Ben 10 show? It’s called “Ben 10: Omniverse” and it’s AWESOME!

It gets back to the fun it had in the original Ben 10. And just so you know, I thought Alien Force was good for what it was and Ultimate Alien was stupid. Exept for Rath. He was awesome.

The new show has the best animation of all the Ben 10’s, has great action and humor, and Zombozo the clown is no longer a Joker ripoff!

If you are a fan of the original Ben 10, you will like it. If you liked the other two Ben 10’s better, that Omniverse is not the place for you.

Fight of the Pilot: on dragon wings

So when the ‘How to Train your Dragon” movie came out, the only two things that I touaght about it was that the designs of the dragons were very clever and that it would probly work out better if it was a TV show. So now it became a TV show. So I thought I see if it would be good. And just so you know, I never seen the movie, so I didn’t go into this with an idea of what to expect.

The episode starts with the Hiccup kid and his not girlfriends playing with their dragons, who ends up saving the kids from an avalanche. Which the dragons were some what responcable for starting. The dragons are the good guy, right?

Else where, the live stock of the village stop laying eggs and making milk and what not because, with the humans and dragons now friends, the dragons now live in the village. The dragons are scaring the animals into not doing their animal thing.

And to make things worst, a big storm is coming and they need the animals to not be scared to survive. So the try to show the animals that the dragons wern’t scary, but it dosn’t work. And in one of those, they try to show the chickens that their not so different from dragons with showing them a dragon egg. But the egg explodes. I don’t know about you, but the idea for the dragons egg blow up being a thing, I find it creepy on a lot of levels.

The big storms comes and the dragons accidentally spook the animals into running into the woods. The dragon gang (dose their little group have a name?) mount their dragons to find them, which is a stupid idea. The Dragons are the things the animals are afraid of! This would only make things worse of the dragon/livestock bonding.

with the storm getting worst, the team dragons sheald the teens and start fires to keep them safe from the storm. And this is the thing that shows the animals that dragons are friends. Yay.

So, for someone who never seen the movie, I thought it was pretty good! It wasen’t over the top and I like how both the dragons and the animals weren’t just dragon shaped people. Like that they wern’t really logical and acted natral. So this was a plesent surprise for me!

To Boldly Wander

here’s some news animation fans will like, Craig McCraken and Lauren Faust are making a new cartoon show! Hooray to all!

The new show is called “Wander Over Yonder”, and while the details ain’t that clear, the main idea is a muppet looking creator wanders aroung in a magic land where an evil over lord wants to kill him for messing up his evil plans.

Also staited was that the new show would have the charm of Foster’s and the humor of Powerpuff girls, which are the best parts of the two show, not that the both didn’t have both.

The show will air on the Disney Channel. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to this!

Back for a showdown

Word on the street is that Xiaolin Showdown will be coming back!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

Xiaolin Showdown was a great cartoon and was probibly the last Saturday morning cartoon I seen, in full, before out growing getting up at dawn to watch cartoons that I could have just watched at a later time, what with reruns and all.

The news I saw on the internet said that the show will now have the showdowns in 3D animation, which is something I thing would be good. The showdowns were already playing with the magic battle themes and the 3D animation will just help it look more magical. And don’t worry, the thing I saw said the rest of the episode time will be 2D animaion.

For Xioalin Showdown fans, you better keep an eye out, because I will!