Meet me in St. Lou…er, Defiance

The Syfy channel aired a pilot for their new show called Defiance.

The over all plot of the show is that a bunch of aliens tryed to take over the world and loss. Now the Earth is full of stranded aliens, mutant wildlife and everything from our world is no more, except for the St Louis arch. They must had built it to last.

I watched about half of the pilot and all of the half hour promo for the show. The over all feel is if Firefly had aliens and was on Earth and had soap opera elements in it.

I thought it was well perduced with the sets, the make up and the over all special effects. But I find that they mostly have thoses kind of aliens that look just like humans only with a puffy forehead, and I find that annoying to watch.

Their are a bunch of characters of the show like the space elf and a cowboy guy. They were okay, but I just arn’t into show like Firefly. Bu ttheir were some characters I liked. Like the doctor that sounds annoyed by everything (even being named Dr, Meh. Ha!), and the space elf’s wife, I like her becaouse she was able to get her husband to changed his mide while making him think it was his idea, that was cool, like verble judo. And this is a weird one, but I really like the Gorilla man that pops up in the background once in a while. The make up for that character was the best on the show!

My advice is that if you want to check this show out, ask yourself if you like Fairefly be wanted aliens to show up first.

Extra Stuff

If anybody is interested, Defiance also has a tie in video game

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